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The eye is the window into the body.
Tesseract is building a portable, affordable device for monitoring and preventing disease.

Tesseract + 1:
seeing in 5 dimensions

Recent advances in A.I. have enabled accurate prediction of a person’s blood pressure, diabetic risk, smoking history, Alzheimer’s progression, and heart attack risk by peering into the eye with a camera and an algorithm. We are developing the best “camera” in the world for visualizing in new dimensions.

Putting your health in your hands.

The best way to extend life span is to catch disease early. At Tesseract we are adding a new dimension to medicine and radically rethinking the processes of healthcare delivery. We believe that healthcare should be democratic — empowering the individual. To us the most fulfilling endeavors have the greatest potential to impact not only the world around us but the lives of people we love. Come help us put a dent in the universe.